St Thomas Mar Thoma Church choir is an official body of the church which is registered with the Department of Sacred Music and Communication (DSMC) of Mar Thoma Sabha. The choir provides the leadership in worship by helping the congregation to sing together and experience the presence of God. As laid down by DSMC in its principles, leading the congregation in hymns and worship is absolutely essential for worship since praise is much desired by God and this duty is done by the choir in every worship not only on Sundays but also special ceremonies like marriage, baptism etc. The selection into the choir is according to the guidelines of DSMC. The choir members attend practice sessions on regular basis with much understanding that music for worship is not for entertainment but musicians are ministers of God. There are 25 members in the choir at present and voice tests are held occasionally as per the needs of the choir and the church.

Office bearers:

The decisions pertaining to choir and its activities are taken by the choir committee elected by the general body of the choir every year. Committee members for the year 2016-17 are:

President - Rev.V.T Kurian

Choir Leader - Mr. Amit Philip

Assistant Choir Leader - Ms. Sharon Mathew

Secretary - Mr. Eby Eapen Mathew

Treasurer - Ms. Sahridha Philip

Committee members - Mr. Robin Jacob Abraham, Mrs. Shany Eby, Mrs. Jini Varghese