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Greetings from St. Thomas Marthoma Church, Auckland News Desk!


Weekly Bulletin No 18


7th Aug 2016 - Sunday


The Holy Communion service will be held in Malayalam at 11:30 am at St. Thomas Anglican Church, 2 Islington Avenue, New Lynn. Sunday School will be held as normal.


Theme - Mission from Everyone to Everywhere

1st Lesson - 1King 17 : 1 - 15

2nd Lesson - Jude 17 - 25

Epistle - Gal. 2: 1 - 10

Gospel - St. Mat. 22: 1 - 14

Edavaka Mission Announcement

Edavaka Mission Prayer meeting will be held this Friday 5th August at the residence of Mr. Shinu Kurian and Ashley.

Choir Announcement

With the consent of the vicar, the General Body of the choir will be held on August 7th after the Holy Communion service at St. Thomas Anglican Church 2 Islington Avenue New Lynn. All the choir members are requested to attend the same. Agenda: Musical Competition 2016 and AOB. Eby Eapen Mathew, Secretary, Choir.


Sunday School Announcement


**** 2016 VBS - St Thomas Marthoma Church, Auckland ****

VBS is an outreach programme and we are planning for about 100 children this year. We are looking for resources from our parish as a first choice. We are requesting our parish members to complete the forms to help with planning in August.


1. Teachers - Looking for teachers who are committed for teaching

2. Volunteers - We require minimum 15 Volunteers for the VBS week

3. Refreshments - We require sponsors for daily refreshments including lunch for 3 days

4. Registration - Requesting parish members to bring atleast one child from outside our church

5. Finance - We are looking for donations from members within and outside our church

6. Activities - Looking for resources to co-ordinate Craft work / Activities

7. Daily Prayer - Request everyone to pray that the VBS will be a blessing for many. Also remember VBS Director Vinod Victor Achen and all our needs.


For more details please contact,

Rev. V T Kurian - Vicar,

Samuel Mathew - VBS Co Ordinator

George Varughese - VBS Convenor

Viji Varghese - Sunday School Secretary