Dearly beloved members of Auckland parish,

Greetings to you all in the love of Christ Jesus.

Of late I have been particularly thinking about the many blessings which are unique to our parish for which we have to be immensely or to grateful to God. While most countries are undergoing a lockdown in the pandemic situation and the worship centres remain closed for months on end, we had the unique privilege of open churches and homes to enjoy corporate worship and fellowship. Despite the physical absence of an Achen to minister to you, tremendous enthusiasm and fervour were displayed in having almost all the parish activities and programs continue unhindered throughout. The committed lay leadership visible in all areas deserve deep appreciation. We are unique as a family and not a mere religious institution and this demarcates us from other churches. Family values are our precious heritage to be maintained and promoted because they are crucial for our existence today and for the coming generations. Let us also excel in our witness as a caring, sharing and healing community in a land which is becoming increasingly secular and consumerist, where the values we cherish keep dwindling more and more as days pass by. Let us constantly pray for our families, our children and for the urgent need and efforts to have a worship place of our own and for pastoral leadership. Let us also continue to give care leadership to our other congregations in the far flung areas of New Zealand

Dear friends, it has been my great God given joy to be of some service to you although with much limitations which are too obvious to need comment. I continue to uphold all of you in prayer that you may be enabled more and more to serve the unique Christ and his Kingdom as a unique parish.

With every good wish and prayerful regards,

Yours very affectionately in Christ's ministry,
 Very Rev. K S Matthew