Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Our Objective
1. Help children to receive Jesus Christ as their personal saviour
2. Provide a deeper understanding of The Bible
3. Help to develop and grow in Christian values and wisdom
4. Enable young ones to listen and respond to God's love through Jesus Christ
5. Encourage the students to handle life situations in Christian perspective
6. Build a community of believers to share the message of Jesus Christ
Sunday school History at Auckland

A Sunday school in Auckland was started in December 2002 as a result of the inspiration from Rt.Rev.Dr.Zacharias Mar Theophilus first visit to New Zealand. The main objective was to enable our children to come together and learn about the Word of God and apply it in their daily lives. This was an ecumenical Sunday school, after 2006 Independent churches were formed and Sunday school became part of respective churches. Auckland Mar Thoma Sunday School is affiliated with Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam since 2007.
Our Activities
We meet every Sunday immediately after the service from 1:30PM to 2.30PM Our activities include Bible Class from Nursery to Year 13, Singing Sessions, Action Songs, Teaching to pray and Leading Worship Services on special occasions, Coaching and mentoring senior students. We conduct VBS every year in July. VBS is an active ministry aiming to reach out to other communities around us.
Kindly encourage all our students to attend the Sunday school regularly and be blessed.